Petites Frites is: ultra chic baby accessories with a bohemian twist, locally produced with love right here in the USA.


Founded by Lisa and Curzon Peier, devoted parents of two (and counting!) who left successful corporate careers behind in rainy London to pursue their dream of launching smart, stylish products for children in sunny California, Petites Frites’ mission is simple:

To create an original interpretation on everyday staples like the burp cloth and bib using a custom-developed cotton-blend knit (as soft, juicy and delicious as your own little bundles of joy and mischief), practical designs and simple bohemian-elegant details. The opposite of fussy, trendy or too cutesy-cutesy, the result is products you will love to use as much as we do because of their timeless style and enduring quality.

As parents of the next generation, we are proud to say Petites Frites products are designed and sourced locally with an artisan, environmentally conscious approach to manufacturing using recycled packaging and earth-gentle materials.

Made with love in the USA.